Free Productivity Tools to Help with Working from Home

HEY! Here are two FREE, PRINTABLE versions of our most useful products (plus one bonus)! These tools will help you employ good habits for productivity. If you're not currently doing these things, you may actually double your productivity (no joke)!

Action Plan Pad Free Digital Download

1. Daily Action Plan

This helps you brainstorm and then plan your tasks for the day. Taking 10 minutes to plan your day ahead of time is one of the most common techniques used by the most productive people. And this tool makes it very easy. Surprised such a small thing can make such a big difference? I was too. Try it! It's free! You are worth 10 minutes! Here is the guide to the Daily Action Plan.

Download the Daily Action Plan

Week Dominator Free Digital Download

2. The Week Dominator

The Week Dominator is like the Daily Action Plan, but for the whole week. It helps you brainstorm, prioritize, schedule and execute your most important tasks each week, keeping you more productive and helping you fight procrastination, confusion and mediocrity. Here's the Guide to Using the Week Dominator.

Download the Week Dominator

NeuYear Habit Tracker Free Digital Download

3. Habit Tracker

Achieving your goals is often best done through building strong, productive habits. Habits have the advantage of using less willpower to sustain. Thus, if you can build a habit of making daily progress on your goal, you will be doing the work automatically. Our Habit Tracker tool is perfect for helping to build new habits. Here's a Guide to Building Strong Habits and helpful steps to  Kickstarting a New Habit.

Download the Habit Tracker



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  • Jon T.

    Thanks for providing these documents! It’s a great way to try out your system before committing to the paper planners.

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