Kickstart a New Habit

Join the NeuYear Community as we kickstart a micro habit in March!

Starting a daily habit is one of the best ways to achieve your goal. This is because habits become automatic, thus you make daily progress toward your goal FOR FREE. Even 1% improvement daily, compounded over a year is 3,700%!!!

That's why we want to help you kickstart a new habit this month! You'll make more progress toward your goals and — once your habit is established — it will be less effort.

Join us!

Here's How:

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Click here to download the habit tracker PDF

Start with a simple, easy habit. The lower the barrier to entry, the more likely you will do your habit every day. And daily consistency is key to making your habit automatic! Once you have the automatic-ness established, then you can build on it.

Example: Do one pushup after you brush your teeth. Make one sales call before lunch.

If you're looking for a habit to help you be more productive, try planning your day first thing for 10 minutes when you start work. The Action Pad is the perfect tool for that.

Choose a habit that aligns with your goal. For example: "walk around the block" for an exercise goal. But for other goals it is not as obvious. For my goal of getting more sales on Amazon, I have a habit called "work on my Amazon goal" where I review my ads, pricing, sales, etc. and make small adjustments.

If you're having trouble here, choose a habit that will eventually lead to a similar or related outcome as your goal. For instance, if you're wanting to improve your marketing which is a bit ephemeral, perhaps daily reading a book on marketing is an appropriate habit.

You are TWICE as likely to do something when you schedule a time and place to do it. Estimate how long your habit will take. Choose a time (or trigger) and a place where you will practice your habit every day. The best "trigger" is something you already do everyday, like: arriving at work, picking up your phone, brushing your teeth (you better!).

Set a reminder on your phone. Even if you're using a trigger and not a set time, having a reminder on your phone will help you remember to react properly to the trigger.

Here are a few optional tricks to try and boost your chances of building your habit.
- Visualize yourself practicing your habit at the chosen time & place. It will help you carry it out when the time comes.
- Tell your partner what you plan to do, or even find an accountabili-buddy to join you.
- Speak out loud to yourself what you will do, when and where on March 1st.

A common de-railer of building a habit is missing a day. When I miss a day, I think all hope is lost and I will never succeed. It helps me to remember that I am trying to slowly build a habit and that it will not look perfect. Some progress is MUCH better than no progress. Even missing every other day still gives you TONS more progress than if you did zero.

Join us in starting a small habit this month! Try it as a personal experiment. The reward is that you will eventually build a habit that is essentially an automatic tool making progress for you on your goals. You'll build discipline, make progress and learn about yourself. Join us!

Download the Habit Tracker PDF


In case you need some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Walk around the block
  • Read one page
  • Write one thing you are grateful for
  • Plan your day
  • Do one push up
  • Make one sales call
  • Write a one sentence journal
  • Learn one new word
  • Learn one new French word
  • Watch one tutorial video
  • Take your vitamin
  • Check your social media just once
  • Read devotion
  • Memorize one scripture
  • Make your bed
  • Floss

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