The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)
The Week Dominator (undated)

The Week Dominator (undated)

$45.00 $4.00


There are no more pockets or strap or pen loop - those are all being moved to The Radfolio which the new dominators fit into. Get the Week Dominator, the two Kit pads and the Radfolio for only $37

Note: The Week Dominator is undated, except for the  2017 & 2018 calendar at the front. Unfortunately, I won't have a version available with a 2019 calendar until May 2019! To make up for this, I've discounted the Week Dominator a further 30% to now just $19! Here's a 2019 Calendar PDF you can attach at the front if it helps.


The NeuYear Week Dominator will help you list your projects & goals for the week, break them into tasks & block time for the important stuff so you can dominate your week!

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The Week Dominator helps you:

- Plan your week so you get more done and feel less stressed out
- "Time Block" the days, so you focus on what's important
- List your tasks, to help you remember what you need to do
- Prioritize your tasks, so the urgent doesn't kill the important
- Ample space for notes, carry just one book!
- Section for tracking your habits & practices
- Review your week & the highlights of your day
- Stay on task, make a plan and get st**f done!


- The Week Dominator is 52 weeks, now in one book.
- The pages are 8.5" x 11". With the soft cover, the finished size is 9.25" x 11.25"
- Weeks are undated. There are no dates on the weeks. This lets you skip weeks, start early, start late, gives you freedom & flexibility.
- Planner includes 8 pages of front matter: a 2017 and 2018 calendar, a place to write your goals and review your months.
- After the front matter, the Week Dominator has 2 page spreads (4 total pages) for each week.

Page Spread 1) The Week View (shows the week)
Page Spread 2) The Week Review (space for notes, drawings, goal tracking & review of the week)

KIT PADS: The "Kit" includes two extra productivity tools:

The Action Plan Pad (100 sheets)
A daily task list - where you can write down all that you want to do today and estimate the amount of time each task will take (or the number of pomodoros). I draw a box to the left of a task when I've scheduled a time slot for it in my day, and check it off when it's complete. Or a put a circle next to it to indicate that it's being delayed (or being worked on).

The purpose of "Today's Action Plan" is to help you come-up with an action plan for the day and to help you stay "on task."

I strongly recommend estimating (even overestimating) the length of time required for each task, and then scheduling (writing a block) for each task on the Week Dominator itself. This reallllly helps me be realistic about what I can do that day, and helps me stay on task. Since I work for myself and I wear many hats (and I'm very forgetful!!) I'm often asking myself "what am I supposed to be doing?" Looking at my scheduled tasks helps me get back to work.

NOTE: things often do not work out as I planned, however, I still find I'm more productive overall when I plan things out and set a plan for the day.

The Task Inventory Pad (50 sheets)
A running list of tasks, not necessarily to be done today. So, you might, at the beginning of the week or when you have time, sit down, think about a certain project domain (marketing, product development, some event coming up, home kitchen renovation, etc) - and you write allllllll the tasks necessary for that project/domain. You might even indent the ones that are dependent on other ones. Like indenting: "buy: eggs, milk, flour" under "make cake."

The purpose of the Task Inventory is to get everything out of your head and into a record. And you can refer to the record each day or week when you are scheduling more tasks. 

Probably don't spend too much time on either of these pads, a disciplined 5-15 minutes should be sufficient, or perhaps 30 minutes, but definitely no more.