Premed Planning Calendar
Premed Planning Calendar
Premed Planning Calendar
Premed Planning Calendar

Premed Planning Calendar


If you're applying to medical school this year, or just want to have an amazing calendar to keep track of your schedule, this calendar is perfect for you.

As a premed, the biggest preventable mistake you can make when applying to medical school is applying late. Take the guesswork out of the application process with this 2017 premed planning calendar.

This calendar has prompts to let you know what you should be focusing on during your application year. Don't get behind in writing your personal statement, scheduling your MCAT, or asking for letters of recommendation.

Unsure about how to best go about writing your personal statement, follow the resources on the calendar to learn what you need to do to make sure that your application is early, and well crafted.

Perfect for the wall in the landscape layout or on the door in the portrait layout. Don't worry about trying to squeeze your illegible, future doctor handwriting into a small space; this calendar has room for your scribbles.


- Calendar spans 12 months, Jan-Dec 2017.
- Paper surface, works with pencil, pens & markers.
- Larger boxes than most calendars, more space for writing.
- Weeks start with Sunday.
- Minimal vertical lines reduce "chart junk" and emphasize your deadlines (trust me, it's cool)
- 25" x 36"
- square size: 1.74" x 1.23"