Beta Minimal Calendar
Beta Minimal Calendar
Beta Minimal Calendar
Beta Minimal Calendar
Beta Minimal Calendar

Beta Minimal Calendar

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This is a Monday first calendar, paper surface only, 25" x 36"

Why a minimal calendar? This is all about the fight against "chart junk" and the quest for the most elegant tool that will look great on your wall and keep you organized.
"Chart junk" is the excess ink (lines, graphics, numbers, etc) that can hinder you from viewing and understanding the actual data. In our case, we are trying to minimize unnecessary ink when laying out the year, without reducing the calendar's readability. And thus we hope this will help you focus on the "data" of the calendar (i.e. your plans, goals and memories).
One of the first things you should notice is that each row is two weeks. This might throw you off. Therefore, we printed the ISO week number under each Monday, thus highlighting the beginning of each week (especially weeks that start in the middle of a row).
The weekends are distinguished with gray ink. This should help you focus on the work week dates, while also helping you quickly see how much time you should be taking off to rest and recreate.

Wednesdays are highlighted with a faint line. The goal here is to help you quickly find the day of the week when you're looking far down the calendar (far from the week day letters at the top). The idea is:Monday is already highlighted with the week number and Saturday/Sunday are distinguished with gray ink. If you can find Wednesday, you can quickly find Tuesday and Thursday — the rest of the week.
This is our first attempt at a truly minimal calendar. Please send your feedback on how it goes! Is it confusing having two weeks on one row? Is it too minimal? Are the months delineated enough? Are the weekends delineated enough?
Thanks for your support!


- Calendar spans 12 months: January - December or July - June
- Paper surface only
- Larger boxes than most calendars, more space for writing
- Week starts with Monday
- Neutral colors go great with everything
- Modern, stylish type face for months
- Fits perfectly on your door or above your desk
- 25" x 36"