Visualize the Process

Research shows that when you visualize the steps needed to achieve your goal—not just the outcome—you are much more likely to achieve it.

In Gary Keller’s book, The ONE Thing, he shares:

In three separate studies, psychologists observed 262 students to see the impact of visualization on outcomes. The students were asked to visualize in one of two ways: Those in one group were told to visualize the outcome (like getting an ‘A’ on an exam) and the others were asked to visualize the process needed to achieve a desired outcome (like all of the study sessions needed to earn that ‘A’ on the exam). In the end, students who visualized the process performed better across the board—they studied earlier and more frequently and earned higher grades than those who simply visualized the outcome.

People tend to be overly optimistic about what they can accomplish, and therefore most don’t think things all the way through. Researchers call this the ‘planning fallacy.’ Visualizing the process—breaking a big goal down into the steps needed to achieve it—helps engage the strategic thinking you need to plan for and achieve extraordinary results.According to Keller, you do this by starting with your someday goal and work backwards to what you can do right now. He says: “Based on my someday goal, what’s the ONE Thing I can do in the next five years to be on track to achieve it? Now, based on my five-year goal, what’s the ONE Thing I can do this year to be on track to achieve my five-year goal, so that I’m on track to achieve my someday goal? . . .” From Someday goal > Five-Year goal > One-Year goal > Monthly goal > Weekly goal > Daily goal > Right Now.

It’s a lot of steps! BUT if you do that work—and you set achievable goals—your brain will be more clear on how to get from here to there. You’ll reduce the friction holding you back and you’ll find yourself doing it.

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  • Merry

    You have a mission, not just a business. Thank you. I have the same You are a giver and a teacher. I am that too- so sure recognize it. I want to pursue your offerings. Keep me posted. I need a one year planner and /or a white board to unroll , maybe 6 feet by 4 or so. any ideas? and maybe even an 18 month one . or two and just put them both up, one around the corner of my little apartment . :)

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