Stupid-Simple Goal Trick

I still suck at being my own boss. Everyday is a fight to stay focused on what's important rather than what's urgent (or what's facebook). One silly little thing that has been surprisingly helpful to me: writing down my goals and looking at them every day.

Quickly looking at my goals keeps me consciously focused on ways to achieve them, but–more importantly–it also helps me unconsciously work on them! This sounds weird, but I swear it's true. It's a psychology thing. When my subconscious is on board, it helps me steer toward my goals with my spare moments and times when I'm asking "what's next?"

If you're like me, when you get off track, you waste TONS of time on nonsense. I've found that simply reading my goals everyday is a tiny thing that keeps me on track.


  1. Write down 3-10 things you want to accomplish this week, month or year.
  2. Put the list in your planner, phone or wall where you'll see it.
  3. Set a daily reminder to take 30 seconds and read the list.
Look back in a week/month/year and see if this actually helped.

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