2013/School Year - Rough Draft 2

Posted by Jesse Phillips on May 21, 2012 3 Comments

 Here's another stab at a rough draft - it has school year dates, and school year title. And it has some different formatting ideas in there:

- solid blue lines dividing months (a couple different format ideas)

- mini blue line under Wednesday dates, to set-off wednesday. Because starting the week with Monday is jarring for some, it may help to emphasize wednesday, so days surrounding it are easier to find, at a glance. A visual indicator for Wednesdays may help to more quickly find the other days of the week.

- mini blue lines above all the dates (this was kind-of an accident, but it might be cool) - removed this in the middle right column to see comparison.

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Comments (3 Comments)

Posted by Lisa Dubuque on July 15, 2012

P.S. I found out about you on fab.com – just thought you’d like to know how your marketing is working.

Posted by Lisa Dubuque on July 15, 2012

Hi There – A friend just messaged me asking where I bought my 2012 calendar that is in my college counseling office. I mentioned that perhaps we could contact you about a school year calendar as we are teachers and honestly, we live our lives in school years, not regular years. Is it possible that you will make this calendar available? It would not be necessary to have our school’s name on it. I honestly think you would have a great niche in the academic market.

Posted by Arzoo on June 11, 2012

Even as I write this, the tears are still burning in my eyes waintng to be released!! Every time I get a blog update from you after a period of no news, I hope and pray that maybe you’ve taken some time off to adjust to being pregnant, and I finally those hopes and prayers have come true! I am beyond thrilled for you and Bret!! Prayers for a beautiful and peaceful pregnancy!! And thanks for including us in your best of 2010, means a lot, we love those pictures!!!

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