New Big Calendar Design

Based on the data I got in the recent survey, here is a rough draft design idea for my next calendar version:

New Big Calendar Rough Draft

Key Features:

- includes weekends!
- larger calendar: 30" x 42" (3" wider & taller)
- large month indicators, so you can find months easier
- ligher blue/green - easier to write on blue square
- weekends in light gray, sets off the weekend visually
- larger weekday indicators at top, no more headline
- dotted lines between days (vert lines). less ink = less visual clutter.

What do you think?


  • Ben Lightner

    I love this idea and would totally buy one. One idea is your could have two kinds of calendars, one as it is shown here in the draft. And another for students that would start in August and go from there. This way there wouldn’t be a gap at the new year when students are right in the middle of their studies. Food for thought!

  • Jorge From Puerto Rico

    Please. Make Space for “2013: A YEAR OF PRODUCTIVITY” at the TOP or any other motivational phrase.. that is VERY important to this calendar.

    Already on board to buy next year’s

    Love the calendar.

  • Ali Rizvi

    I have the 2012 calendar. Here’s what I love:
    1. Paper (so I can write in fine print in pencil). Before buying it I wished it was dry/erase. After using it, I now prefer paper.
    2. “Year of productivity” statement at the top.

    Regarding new draft version:
    The separation of Saturday/Sunday would be most welcome. The huge M, T, W etc letters in the draft version are too big. I’d personally prefer smaller letters and a motivational statement/affirmation as the 2013 title.

    Keep up the good work! Cheers.

  • Universitario

    May13Mohan It would have been better had it been oirgnased in own Nepali language even though the contestants should have a good understanding and knowledge in one or other international language. Look at in other beauty show in other non-English speaking countries: they organise these type of event in their own language, they don’t bother to use the language other than they speak in their own country. Try to watch these type of national show in Russian Spain, France, Portugal, Latin America, China, Japan, Korea,. You can go on and on naming the countries who have pride in their own language.

  • Cassi Claire

    Just heard of you guys through Promise Tangeman, and ALMOST bought one immediately! Until I realized that the current calendar for sale doesn’t have two seperate weekend days. Being a wedding photographer and having most of my work on weekends, that is CLUTCH!

    Also, I LOVE that the calendar starts on Monday. Gotta have the two weekend days together. Anyway you can email me when this new version goes live? I really really want it! :)

    Cassi Claire

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