New Big Calendar Design

Posted by Jesse Phillips on May 07, 2012 33 Comments

Based on the data I got in the recent survey, here is a rough draft design idea for my next calendar version:

New Big Calendar Rough Draft

Key Features:

- includes weekends!
- larger calendar: 30" x 42" (3" wider & taller)
- large month indicators, so you can find months easier
- ligher blue/green - easier to write on blue square
- weekends in light gray, sets off the weekend visually
- larger weekday indicators at top, no more headline
- dotted lines between days (vert lines). less ink = less visual clutter.

What do you think?

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Comments (33 Comments)

Posted by Ben Lightner on August 12, 2012

I love this idea and would totally buy one. One idea is your could have two kinds of calendars, one as it is shown here in the draft. And another for students that would start in August and go from there. This way there wouldn’t be a gap at the new year when students are right in the middle of their studies. Food for thought!

Posted by Jorge From Puerto Rico on July 12, 2012

Please. Make Space for “2013: A YEAR OF PRODUCTIVITY” at the TOP or any other motivational phrase.. that is VERY important to this calendar.

Already on board to buy next year’s

Love the calendar.

Posted by Ali Rizvi on June 16, 2012

I have the 2012 calendar. Here’s what I love:
1. Paper (so I can write in fine print in pencil). Before buying it I wished it was dry/erase. After using it, I now prefer paper.
2. “Year of productivity” statement at the top.

Regarding new draft version:
The separation of Saturday/Sunday would be most welcome. The huge M, T, W etc letters in the draft version are too big. I’d personally prefer smaller letters and a motivational statement/affirmation as the 2013 title.

Keep up the good work! Cheers.

Posted by Universitario on June 13, 2012

May13Mohan It would have been better had it been oirgnased in own Nepali language even though the contestants should have a good understanding and knowledge in one or other international language. Look at in other beauty show in other non-English speaking countries: they organise these type of event in their own language, they don’t bother to use the language other than they speak in their own country. Try to watch these type of national show in Russian Spain, France, Portugal, Latin America, China, Japan, Korea,. You can go on and on naming the countries who have pride in their own language.

Posted by Cassi Claire on June 10, 2012

Just heard of you guys through Promise Tangeman, and ALMOST bought one immediately! Until I realized that the current calendar for sale doesn’t have two seperate weekend days. Being a wedding photographer and having most of my work on weekends, that is CLUTCH!

Also, I LOVE that the calendar starts on Monday. Gotta have the two weekend days together. Anyway you can email me when this new version goes live? I really really want it! :)

Cassi Claire

Posted by Stephen on June 07, 2012

WAIT! I just noticed, the weeks are in 2 columns, with the first 26 on the left and the next 26 on the right.

Can you put out a survey question asking if people would prefer everything to be left to right? I mean that is how life flows.


Posted by Stephen on June 07, 2012

I was going to say the week needs to start with a Sunday until I looked at the rough draft for the school year. Weekends are planned Sat/Sun! Genius Also love that they are a different color.

The affirmation across the top will be missed. Perhaps making the letters across the top a bit smaller and it could be added back?

Posted by Erika, RN on June 02, 2012

This is a follow-up post to my previous post.

Forgive me for my error. Upon closer inspection of this calendar I see the days and weeks do not run intact from L edge of paper to R edge of paper as I had first thought. There doesn’t seem to be a popular request for such a format. I shall attempt to design a type of year format, for which I’ve been looking, for my personal use.

Wishing you, Jesse and James, great success!

Posted by Erika, RN on May 29, 2012

Hi Jesse & James,

Personally, I must have:

1. HORIZONTAL. The main reason I’m interested in your calendar is the presentation of 365 linear, non-stop days from L edge to R edge, as that best represents the passing of time. I love that and it’s difficult to find elsewhere.

2. PAPER. Pen or pencil will be used. This will be my main/only home calendar of life events, significant and otherwise – a diary documenting days/hours worked (as RN my schedule is not routine), body weight, % body fat, doctor visits, health diagnostics, all other appointments and note-worthy activities both personally and myself as consumer.

I will roll-up the calendar, and subsequent ones from you, to store and use as reference.

Please consider. Thank-you!

Posted by Megan on May 26, 2012

I LOVE that the calendar starts on Monday. Seeing my two weekend days together makes so much more sense to me. I’m THRILLED that there will be separate boxes for Saturday and Sunday. I split them with a light blue pencil line on my 2012 calendar and the space is just sooo tiny.

I absolutely would NOT buy a dry erase version. I hope if you go this route that you will offer a paper version, too. I commit to deadlines and goals a lot better when I can’t erase them. I also write in my progress towards my goals each day. It’s kind of like a micro diary. I adore it!

I would like this calendar less if it had holidays on it… The more clean and uncluttered the design, the better!

Overall, I love the mock-up above! My only nit-pick would be to make the day letters smaller (I like the little circles on my 2012 calendar) and bring back the inspirational title and slogan. I read it everyday and it puts a determined smile on my face!

Posted by Branson on May 20, 2012

Hi there!
+1 on there being a horizontal version as well…
Please tell me you still are going to have the little boxes at the start of each week! I’m in school, and our courses run for a certain number of weeks… so it’s really useful to be able to write in what week of the course we’re in!

Love the paper… no need for dry erase here because I can’t write small enough with a dry-erase pen.

Keep up the great work!

Posted by McCall on May 16, 2012

I LOVE this!

Posted by Ryan Mount on May 08, 2012

Please start the weeks on Sunday, and include the weekends. I was really disappointed with the Monday starting point. Dry erase would be a really cool option.

Posted by Cherri Jones on May 07, 2012

Day indicators seem too large-
One thing I really loved about the calendar is starting on Monday-
I liked the motivatin at top but was too large for me-
The original subtle colors were great-
PLEASE tell me there is still a HORIZONTAL version?!?

Thanks again for a great calendar!

Posted by Todd on May 07, 2012

Start your weeks with Sunday!

Posted by _Jesse Phillips_ on May 07, 2012

Hey guys! THANKS SO MUCH for the feedback!!

I love reading the feedback. I’m not sure what to do with conflicting opinions, other than to make multiple versions for the most popular desires.

I will def have a dry-erase option. And planning on putting-in the full weekend (70% want it that way). I can make the weekdays smaller, and def want to make thick dividing lines between months. Also want to add holidays.

Posted by Becky on May 07, 2012

Weeks start on Sundays.

Posted by Marian O'Brien on May 07, 2012

I liked the Year of Productivity, but could do without it. The day letters are much TOO BIG… :) I liked them reversed out of the circles, they just needed to be larger by only 10-15% or so. I would like to see the horizontal layout too, since that is my favorite. I liked it better with Sat and Sun together so they didn’t take up so much room… I don’t need those. If you are going to keep them, you may as well keep them the same density as the other days. I can’t imagine why so many people want to dry-erase on this calendar?! You’ll always be rubbing stuff off with your sleeves, elbows, etc… :o Yay for pencils and erasing…!

Posted by Gillian Saunders on May 07, 2012

Dry erase or at least laminated would be great. I too like the idea of starting the week on a Sunday. Please still include the week number at the start of each week!

Posted by Charlie on May 07, 2012

Can you show the landscape version? Love the landscape best cos 4 month blocks are great for motivation. 6 month blocks are a bit too big.

I like the big days of the week

I’m a Monday starter, I’ve never understood why you’d want to split your w/e to opp ends of the calendar.

I only use mine to put major events in, give me an overview of the year and major goals, and how many weeks I’ve got to achieve them. Electronic diary is for daily events, meetings etc.

Dry wipe would be great, I had thought it would be, but now I’ve got it, I love the quality paper, and decorating it

Posted by Chris on May 07, 2012

I liked the “pep talk” at the top of the calendar, too!

Definitely love:

- The dotted lines between days - the grey of Saturday/Sunday - The weekend days together (vs split by the weekdays)

Not crazy about:

- the Giant “M T W T F S S” at the top. too big, if you ask me.

That’s it! Can’t wait for next year’s.

oh – and dry erase, dry erase, dry erase. (ideally not super glossy)

Posted by Scott Luck on May 07, 2012

I love it! My suggestion would be to make the horizontal lines that separate months bold while the other lines remain as is. My eyes blur the months together. Does that make sense?

Posted by Luisa on May 07, 2012

Will there be a horizontal version? The heading looks a little odd, not sure how… I prefer having the weekends together (starting on Monday), so thanks!

BTW you didn’t put kickstarter as option in the survey for “How did you hear about it”.

Posted by productivity wanna-be on May 07, 2012

If separating the weekend days, it would be nice to have Sunday at the start.

I do miss the title on the calendar. It was like a little pep talk every time I looked at it — this is sure to be a year of productivity!!

I like the look of the top aligned Month but don’t like the fact that 01 is no longer present.

Posted by Bryann on May 07, 2012

Digging this too! +dry erase!

Posted by Bryann on May 07, 2012

Digging this too! +dry erase!

Posted by Christine Morris on May 07, 2012

I like it, but I too thought it should start on a Sunday!

Posted by Mitch on May 07, 2012

I can probably deal, but I liked the 1 day weekend.

Posted by Pearl on May 07, 2012

Thoughts on the week starting on Monday? I’m a Sunday starter myself…

Posted by Carl Franzon on May 07, 2012

Looks great! Looking forward to 2013 just so I can use it.

Posted by Jessee on May 07, 2012

Eeeeee I love this. I’ll definitely be getting it.

Posted by Clay on May 07, 2012

Is it also going to be reversible like the current one?

Make it dry erase and I’m buying another one.

Posted by Matt Heerema on May 07, 2012

Dig it! I’ll be in for one. If it was a dry-erase version that would be even better!

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