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Posted by Jesse Phillips on December 10, 2011 7 Comments

You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours ;)
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Posted by Canada on March 02, 2012

Linda Ellis Posted on Today I googled how to put gtieltr on a birdhouse and your project came up first .this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time I had to put my paint brush down and tell you (as my fingers are sticking to the keys) because I just finished gtieltring the roof of my birdhouse which is going to be a bunny house with a pale pink roof. You are too funny!!! And I really needed a laugh on this Monday afternoon. Thanks for your humor!! and keep on crafting .it’s fun!!! Linda in SOUTH ALABAMA!

Posted by johan on March 01, 2012


Damn this got a lot of potential mate… It got me thinking and hopefully this will help.

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Posted by Balques on March 01, 2012
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Posted by LyFe on March 01, 2012

Wow that is relaly so cool looking! I have a bunch of those balls in my basement tooo! I think I’ll give this a try!! BTW I love the name of your blog! I’ve always called my own personal style Cottage Country Shabby Chic!

Posted by Randy Miller on January 17, 2012

I like the design and the idea behind this. Could you work up a circular calendar with the days on the outer circle, months in a circle next to that and the four seasons of the year as the inner circles, with a gap between the months and seasons circles in order to plan events?

Posted by Tricia on January 03, 2012

I just read about your calendar online at Daily Candy. Great idea.

I usually will post up 2-3 months up at a time in my office but that is just too much/takes too much space.

I can’t wait to plan my year!

Posted by Kevan Lunney on December 20, 2011

I saw your calendar on I think this could inspire me to greater achievement. Its a very helpful arrangement. I wish the blue squares were more pale and less obtrusive. Or perhaps the squares were only heavily outlined instead as I use colored pens for other meanings and they won’t show up on blue.
Thanks for bringing this idea to the time challenged like myself.

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