Big Caledar Survey Results

Posted by Jesse Phillips on May 07, 2012 13 Comments

 THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for participating in my survey! I've posted the results below (in case you're like me and you like to see data). Because of these results I've decided to do a few things:

1. Add weekends to the calendar - and make the whole calendar a little bigger. It turns out, this is a surprisingly costly decision to make a big calendar. I will now have to order a custom sheet size, so I'll have to order 20,000 sheets in advance (for perspective, I've sold about 6,000 calendars so far) - which is a big risk, especially if the calendar turns-out to be too big for people (I'm afraid of this!) But it will be one of the biggest calendars you can buy and, hopefully, the most useful (and attractive).

2. Make a dry-erase version - I don't like the glossy look of dry-erase, but it seems like you guys don't care as much. This is an example of a foolish entrepreneur (me) getting too emotionally attached to what he thinks people want. I'm researching a dry-erase coating that will not be as glossy, but in the end I may just have to laminate it. You'd BETTER like it! jk ... but seriously ... ;)

3, 4, 5... Remove the annoying title (more space for boxes), make a couple larger versions: 4'x3' & 8'x3', maybe change colors or remove the color all together. Make the month name easier to see. Set-off the weekends more. Add holidays.

If you have any more opinions, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. I reallllllly want to make a useful calendar! Email me: jesse AT neuYear dot net.

(cut & pasted in photoshop)

Thanks for reading this post! Big year calendars are never going to be the same. Now I'm writing special words so this blog post will help the site get more clicks. I want to make large wall calendars that are more useful to people. Most other year calendars have tiny boxes that you can't write much in. My big calendar has larger boxes and has a cool design.

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Comments (13 Comments)

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Posted by Sharon on September 11, 2012

Needed to add my 2 cents…
LOVE that you give options! People are passionate about dry-erase vs paper, and options please both. I do puzzles in pen, and color-code events…but unlike puzzles, some events are too fluid and outside my control (school postpones, dr now out of town, etc) and I can’t get colored pencils sharp enough for my taste and then they usually never erase well…so trying dry-erase first.

But the point is, you allow the choice!

And I love that you understand about the people out there looking for a better option than the traditional, run-of-the-mill calendars. I need the visual Month-at-a-glance and HATED flipping pages – thank you, thank you, thank you!! You guys are gonna revolutionize the industry! :)

Posted by Seneth on June 10, 2012

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Posted by Mary Patteson on May 08, 2012

The survey was both brilliant and charming. If there was ever any doubt (and there wasn’t for me) I am certainly going to be an annual customer now. I feel invested! I love knowing that you guys are listening and willing to go the extra mile. I mean, talk about great service.

Though dry-erase is convenient, I am inexplicably snobbish about some things. I do crosswords only in pen, and the only pens I use are Staedtler triplus fineliners, if I can help it. I love the texture of this calendar. Thank you very much for sharing your brilliant idea with us. It will see me safely through grad school!

And, I will miss the inspiring title, but I understand.

Posted by Cooper Smith - Cooper Smith Agency PR on May 07, 2012

Great job with the survey…and for sharing the results! You’re to be commended for actually asking your customers what they want instead of just making assumptions.

I’m fully in the dry-erase camp, by the way. And bigger boxes. And separate weekends. And kill the cutesy title at the top.

Can’t wait to order my 2013 calendar!

Posted by Carl Franzon on May 07, 2012

The danger of asking people what they would like is that then they expect you to do it. ;-) Seriously, though thanks for listening.

Out of curiosity, as a numbers kind of guy, how many surveys did you get back?

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